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All the courses listed below have been approved by the Pennsylvania State Real Estate commission for continuing education credit. If you have a real estate license in Pennsylvania all the courses listed below will meet your continuing education requirements.

Dual State Package

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*NAR: Ethical Training through the Standards of Practice may potentially be approved for REALTORS® who wish to fulfill quadrennial Code of Ethics requirement from the National Association of REALTORS. Check with your local REALTORS® association.

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Packages   Hours Price   Category
14-Hr Discount Renewal Package A [Details] 14 $129.00 Add to Cart  
14-Hr Discount Renewal Package B [Details] 14 $129.00 Add to Cart  
14-Hr Discount Renewal Package C – First Time Renewal [Details] 14 $129.00 Add to Cart  
15-Hr Renewal Package PA/NJ [Details] 15 $149.00 Add to Cart  
Courses   Hours Price   Category
Pennsylvania General Real Estate [Details] 7 $52.00 Add to Cart Required for First Time PA Renewal
Pennsylvania Residential Module [Details] 7 $52.00 Add to Cart Required for First Time PA Renewal
Real Estate Contracts [Details] 4 $35.00 Add to Cart
The Residential Contract: Issues, Disputes and Solutions [Details] 4 $35.00 Add to Cart
Evaluating Current Standards in Fair Housing [Details] 4 $35.00 Add to Cart
NAR: May the Code be With You [Details] 4 $35.00 Add to Cart
Navigating the Path Through Settlement [Details] 4 $35.00 Add to Cart
Exploring Agency Concepts and Disclosure [Details] 4 $35.00 Add to Cart
Running a Small Brokerage Firm [Details] 3 $30.00 Add to Cart
Property Tax and Mortgage Valuation [Details] 3 $30.00 Add to Cart
Real Estate Disclosure Issues: Buyer and Seller Obligations [Details] 3 $30.00 Add to Cart
Social Media Ethics [Details] 3 $30.00 Add to Cart
Keeping It Real: Property Law and Case Studies [Details] 3 $30.00 Add to Cart
Pennsylvania Rules and Regulations [Details] 3 $30.00 Add to Cart